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Top Tourist Places in Uttarakhand  Rishikesh Tour and Travels

Visiting a new place is a dream for every traveler in the vacations. Uttarakhand is one of the most beloved states for every traveler and adventure-seeking personality. This is why most of the people ask for the special places they can visit in Uttarakhand (abode of god). With the concern of such people, I am coming with the list of the top tourist places in Uttarakhand. Information is not limited to a few details; instead, I include the fun, fruits, and real adventures of every destination.

Have a look at various places, one by one!

Dehradun: The Capital of Uttarakhand

You can have a lot of fun at Dehradun by visiting most of the temples. It is the state of abode, and you can feel the both, urban and rural changes here.   

Fruits: Litchi is famous in Dehradun most of the litchi production in India takes place in Dehradun. Other than these two fruits, it is also well-known for growing the strawberries and Kafal (the specific fruit in Uttrakhand).

Real Adventures: 

· Water springs

· Wildlife

· Pilgrimage

· Trekking

· Cycling

· Paragliding

· Golfing

· Waterparks

· Shopping – Paltan Bazaar, Indira Market,

· Visit Malls- Pacific mall, Cross Road Mall

· Cuisines and their Flavors 


For travelers, one of the most visited places by tourists is Mussoorie. It keeps a lot of fun and adventure into it, and one can revive the travel diaries by visiting here. Mussoorie is known as a queen of hills and provides people with the 

You will find a variety of fruits at Mussoorie, specially litchis.

· Kafal

· Apples

· Strawberries

· Litchis


Nainital is one of the exciting places in Uttrakhand to visit. Here you can go to Nainital Lake, Bhimtal Lake, and even do boating to explore the lake entirely.

In Nainital, one can eat a variety of Uttrakhand fruits, and even go camping to enjoy to the fullest.


Auli is known as mini Switzerland in India. As everyone dreams of visiting switcher land once in life due to snowfall and beauty, you can find the mini one in India. Being a traveler, you must visit here to experience the excellent beauty.


Badrinath is one of the four pilgrimages in Uttrakhand, where one can feel the spirituality and the most amazing views. People can go for further treks from this point if they are fond of real-life adventures. First of all, visit the temple, and get well wishes for you, and then start considering the treks for making your journey memorable and adventurous. 


Kedarnath also counts as one of the four pilgrimages in Uttrakhand. Get into the temple to gain an exceptional feeling of spirituality. You can do various adventurous activities here. 

· Rock climbing

· Rope ladder

· Snow skiing

· Snow trek

· Trekking

· Magpie camp

· Tungnath trek

· Chandrashila trek

Valley of Flowers: 

The valley of flowers is situated in North Chamoli. It is an Indian national park. If you are interested in exploring the hills with a variety of flowers, then come to this place, and capture the good memories. To get more information, read below:

You can find the following flowers here:

· Oxalis corniculate

· ReinwardtiaIndica

· Thymus Linearis

· Viola Pilosa

· Primulamacrophylla

· MianthemumPurpureum

And you can also find the raga fruits here. If you are fond of horticulture facts, then visit this place, and capture the pictures to include them to your travel diaries. It will encourage you to travel more and create the best memories.  

Hemkund Sahib: 

While going to Valley of Flowers, you can also cover HemkundSaheb trek altogether. HemkundSaheb is the highest Gurudwara in the world. Here you will find a kund filled with the chilled water, as it is situated at the top of the hills. Visit here to explore the spirituality at the top of the hills, and gain more positive energy for you.

Buy a combined package of Valley of Flowers and HemkundSahebGurudwara from the best travel agency. Research online, and get ease at your work with the reduction in overall time and the decreased efforts.


When you are having a look at the most special destinations in Uttrakhand, then missing Rishikesh can be a major drawback. It is one of the beautiful places that include Laxmanjhula. It is very famous among people, and often couples come here for pre-wedding shoot due to the rare views.

You can do bunjee jumping, rafting, and many other adventurous activities here. Come with your family members and friends, and spend your holidays with the most fun-loving moments here. Get the travel package from the best travel agency in Rishikesh. You can also eat a variety of fruits here, and even explore the good food in different restaurants.

Other than the places mentioned above, a traveler can also visit Yamnotri and Gangotri, two of the other pilgrims in Uttarakhand. You can introduce yourself with the spirituality here by attending prayers at temples, and learning about the faith facts. You can also explore the most beautiful views of these two places.

In Uttrakhand, one can eat a variety of fruits and experience the number of adventurous activities. Make sure that you are coming into contact with a tour and travel company to book your visits in advance, and get ease in traveling.

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